Terms and Conditions of Sale of goods and Provision of Services

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all transactions for products and services purchased through the gyanjaipur.com website. By placing your order with us you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.


The prices payable for goods that you order are as set out in our Website. We will use our reasonable endeavors to deliver the goods or services within the times indicated. However, where delivery times and dates are given, they are for general guidance only and we will not be held liable for delayed delivery of goods caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. We will also keep you updated regarding any delays.


We accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and RuPay.
We strongly recommend that you use a card that is 3D secure enabled. If the purchase is not 3D secure, we may contact you to verify the card details.
We reserve the right to refuse & cancel any transaction if we have any reason to believe it may be fraudulent or an attempted fraud.
Also, in the event that the bank rejects to honor any payment transaction made by you towards an order, GYAN Jaipur shall have the right to refuse to ship the order to you without any liability whatsoever.


Due to the valuable nature of our pieces, card providers may sometimes automatically decline transactions for your protection, particularly on high value international transactions. A quick call to your card provider to verify your identity should resolve the issue. In the meantime, if there is anything we can do, such as put pieces aside for you, please contact us via customer services, and we will be happy to help.


All levies and taxes for orders placed for delivery outside India are not included in our pricing. The goods may be subject to local import duties and taxes as per prevailing Rules and Rates of that country and/or state / province and GYAN Jaipur shall not be liable for any import duties or other taxes imposed of the good are exported out of India. GYAN Jaipur shall not be liable for any import duties and taxes payable by you.

All local orders are inclusive of GST (inside India only). In the event of change in rate of taxation on account of any indirect tax, such additional amount shall be payable by you.

These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all transactions for products and services purchased through the gyanjaipur.com Website. By placing your order with us you are accepting these Terms and Conditions.


Your order alone is not a contract of sale between you and GYAN Jaipur. Only when prices and stock availability are contractually confirmed until you receive the ‘confirmation of order’ email sent by us, which email will be sent only after credit card authorization has been confirmed and stock levels have been checked. These terms and conditions cannot be varied except by changes made by GYAN Jaipur on the site, which we may make from time to time. In particular, nothing said by any representative of GYAN Jaipur will operate as a variation to these terms and conditions or constitutes a legal representation on behalf of them.


Acceptance of any order shall be only after receipt of the payment in full towards such order. In the event of there being any communication of acceptance, the same shall be subject to the receipt of the payment in full. However, the mere acceptance of an order shall not be deemed to be an acknowledgement of receipt of the full payment. As stated above, once your credit card has been authorized and stock is checked to ascertain availability of the product, GYAN Jaipur will send you an email receipt confirming your order. Please keep this receipt for your records.


All our consignments will be insured. Only transit insurance shall be provided by GYAN Jaipur and it shall be valid only up to the time of acceptance of delivery. If goods are being returned due to damages, they also, should be insured by you, as they are sent at your own risk.


Your GYAN Jaipur jewelry will be delivered globally fully insured by our trusted trackable logistic partner /couriers or registered post. All domestic as well as international orders are fully insured and are sent via a secure tracked service. You will be notified by email as soon as your item has been dispatched. If you have any queries, please contact customer services who will be delighted to help. Please note that GYAN JAIPUR jewelry cannot be liable for any local import duties and taxes imposed as per rules of that country.


At the time of placing the order, you shall state the full name of the recipient as stated in his / her (recipient’s) government approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient shall collect the product, by furnishing any one of the following government approved photo identification card:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s License
  • Voters Identification card
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
  • Social Security Card (SSN Card) issued by Government
  • or such equivalent in your country

Delivery shall be made by GYAN Jaipur / courier / logistic company agent only after the photo and name of the recipient is verified and confirmed by them. To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package the details of the government photo identification will be noted. The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his / her government approved photo identification.

In case you want any other person to receive the delivery on your behalf he/she needs to specify details of the same at the point of ordering. All items shall be delivered directly to such person and under any circumstances whatsoever, you cannot change the recipient details after the order is processed.

All shipping charges and other local charges shall be borne by GYAN Jaipur. Recipient accepting delivery should carefully examine the package delivered and shall not accept deliveries where the packaging has been tampered with. The recipient receiving the delivery also has the option to open the package and check its contents prior to accepting the delivery or signing the delivery receipt. They shall not accept deliveries, where they find that the box is empty or the contents are damaged or the contents are not in accordance to the order placed.

The recipient, upon signing the delivery receipt, acknowledges the receipt of the product in terms of the order placed with GYAN Jaipur. GYAN Jaipur is not liable to the Customer / recipient for any refund / replacement, under any circumstance, for any subsequent complaints with respect to such deliveries.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, GYAN Jaipur / courier agent shall try and deliver the item thrice before returning the same to GYAN Jaipur. All costs for re-shipment, insurance and handling in the case of non-delivery to you shall be chargeable to you.

Guarantee for delivery made by GYAN Jaipur is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any inconsistency / errors in name or address will result in non-delivery of the product.


Kindly note that product needs to be opened on receipt, in front of the delivery person, who will then inform us and acknowledge if the piece was damaged during transit with an image of the damaged product with the timestamp. Only under these circumstances will we accept a return and initiate a refund on receipt of the damaged product. Customer Services will help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible by replacing the item or delivering another item by way of an exchange or refunding the amount paid on receipt of the defective product. The faulty item will need to be returned to us by registered post acknowledgement due to the returns address below.


We do not accept return of products once purchased, unless the product has reached you in a damaged condition. Kindly note that product needs to be opened on receipt, in front of the delivery person, who will then acknowledge that the piece was damaged during transit with an image of the damaged product with the timestamp. Only under these circumstances will we accept a return and initiate a refund on receipt of the damaged product. When you return your items to us under the above mentioned conditions, please ensure you enclose your name and address and whether you require a refund or an exchange. Please pack the items back in the parcel and send it back through an insured parcel / courier to: GYAN Jaipur, at Gem Plaza Jewelry Mfg. Co. Pvt Ltd.; G-1/21, 22, 23; EPIP, Gem & Jewelry Zone, Sitapura Ind. Area, Sitapura, Jaipur – 302022 (INDIA) Contact: +91 141 2770535 GYAN Jaipur will not be liable for any transportation charges or insurance costs for return of jewelry. We strongly recommend that you send your order back to us by recorded delivery. We cannot accept responsibility for goods/ parcels lost in transit. Jewelry and goods purchased online cannot be exchanged or returned at any of our boutiques. If a package is lost in transit during the returns process, GYAN Jaipur will not take responsibility for the same. If there are any problems with your refund, a member of customer services will contact you or please do feel free to contact us on +91-72298 88866.


Any refunds due by GYAN Jaipur to you for non-availability of products shall be made in one of the following manners, at the sole discretion of GYAN Jaipur:

  • Credit card: Your credit card account will be re-credited with the refund amount by GYAN Jaipur. The refund amount will be credited to your account within the time span stipulated by the bank which has issued the credit card; or
  • Cheque or wire transfer: The refund amount shall be deposited into your bank account by GYAN Jaipur within seven (7) business days after the receipt of your request for refund; or
  • Cash or demand draft: If you have made an over the counter purchase by paying cash or demand draft, GYAN Jaipur shall pay the refund amount to you through cash or demand draft within seven (7) business days after the receipt of the payment by GYAN Jaipur.


Please note that colours on digital devices may vary from the natural colours of stones and will not be held as a valid reason to return the jewelry. Also, some items may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Sometimes the items may be represented larger than the actual size in order to clearly show details or smaller than the actual size in order to show the entire item. GYAN Jaipur shall not be liable on this account in any manner whatsoever.

GYAN Jaipur works to keep the site up to date but cannot guarantee that this site and its contents are completely free of technical errors, incorrect prices or information. By using this site, you acknowledge that you assume full responsibility for all costs associated with all necessary servicing or repairs of any equipment you use in connection with this site. We are also not liable for any damages associated with use of this site however caused. If you are not satisfied with the site, then please email us with your comments.


If you need assistance for any reason, please contact customer services or call on +91-72298 88866 or email us at: gyan@gyanjaipur.com. Representatives are available from 10.00 am (IST) to 6.00 pm (IST), from Monday to Saturday. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and RuPay Card. To securely receive your payments over the Internet we use DSL technology, which is the standard Internet practice and means your details are protected. Please don’t try to send orders via email, as we cannot guarantee any secure transmission of details. If you’re still worried about security over the Internet, then please contact us by phone on +91-141-2770535.


GYAN Jaipur cannot guarantee that the sale and delivery of its goods to your particular country or location is permissible, so please be aware of your own geographic import restrictions. This site and its contents will not constitute the basis for any contractual commitment between GYAN Jaipur and any prospective customer in any jurisdiction in which the solicitation of interest or the offering of or sale of products by GYAN Jaipur would contravene any applicable local, regional or national legislation. No prospective customer should seek to make any order through the site from jurisdictions in which it would be illegal for GYAN Jaipur to sell products.


Your use of this site and any agreement between you and GYAN Jaipur for the sale of products / provision of services shall be governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts at Jaipur, India. If any provision of these terms and conditions shall be unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable for these terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any remaining provisions.


All transactions through the Website shall be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, which you agree to be bound by.


We want you to enjoy shopping with GYAN Jaipur with the confidence that your purchase is totally supported.


When ordering online, your details are protected by a 3D secure checkout, and you will also receive a valuation certificate by email for insurance purposes including the carat weight and value of your piece at the time of delivery of the item.


At GYAN Jaipur, we pride ourselves on setting and maintaining high standards. We provide certificates for each piece of jewelry that you purchase from us. This ensures that you not only receive exquisite pieces of jewelry, but also that you are fully aware of its value.



To ensure you get the most accurate ring size, measure your finger at room temperature. Measuring whilst your hands are cold will result in a size too small as your fingers can be up to half a size smaller at this time. When looking for rings with a wider band, we always recommend getting a size larger than your usual size as they can feel a little snugger than the traditional eternity ring. Your perfect ring should fit comfortably, feeling tight enough that it won’t fall off and is still able to fit over the knuckle when you take it off. While placing an order for rings, please give us your American / British ring size (please mention if it is American or British)


Pearls and other organic or porous gemstones should be protected from the alcohol or acids in make-up, perfume and hairspray. Always put your jewelry on last, after your perfume has dried.

Jewelry dips and sonic cleaners can damage pearls and gemstones and wear down rhodium coatings. Generally, jewelry should be cleaned with nothing stronger than very mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush, while porous gemstones and pearls require only lukewarm water.


There is no need to clean pearls – the natural oils on your skin will help maintain their luster. Even very mild detergent may damage their natural shine.

Pearls should be restrung every one to four years, depending on how often you wear them. If the string on your pearls is still bright white, it’s probably still fine. But if it’s beginning to look dull or grey, it’s time to restring. To arrange to have your pearls restrung, simply take them into the boutique where you purchased them, or contact customer services on +91-72298 88866 or email gyan@gyanjaipur.com.


Most of our gold jewelry is made with 18 carat gold. Due to the purity of the metal, it is quite soft, and therefore needs to be treated with care.

Because the gemstones are set all the way around Eternity rings are susceptible to damage on all sides. The setting and the stones can both be damaged by sharp impacts that can occur when working with your hands, doing exercise etc. It is therefore best to wear your eternity rings on your non-leading hand and remove them if you know you are about to embark on an activity that may expose them to risk.


Some of our 18 carat gold jewelry is plated with rhodium, which can give it either a bright, polished white gold finish, or a black sleek appearance.

Store your rhodium plated jewelry in its own pocket or pouch of a jewelry box or wallet to prevent it getting scratched and if your pieces start to look tired then bring them into one of our boutiques for re-plating, to restore their shine.


Although gemstones are some of the hardest natural materials in the world, the cut and setting can make them precious. Larger stones in particular should be worn and stored with care.

Porous gemstones, including amber, turquoise, opals and pearls may be stained by oils or liquids, so it’s particularly important to avoid contact with face creams, sun tan lotion and household chemicals. Wash porous gemstones in lukewarm water and polish with a lint-free soft cloth.

Porous gemstones are more susceptible to damage when hot, so avoid wearing jewelry to the beach, where the sea salt, sun and sand could easily mar the appearance of your gems.


It may seem obvious but if you always keep your jewelry in the same place you are much less likely to misplace it. This can be harder when you’re travelling or need to remove it for work or exercise. A small or a lamb’s leather travel case in your handbag where you can safely store your rings, earrings and pendants can help keep them safe. To keep your jewelry scratch-free, secure and untangled while you’re travelling, it’s worth packing a , where each item has its own pouch or compartment, ensuring your earrings, necklaces and rings don’t get lost in your luggage.


Our jewelry should be enjoyed for generations to come, so every piece is crafted with fine attention to detail.

If your jewelry is damaged at any point, we will be very happy to mend any repairable items. Please allow up to eight weeks for repair. Charges for repair will be calculated once the craftsman has inspected your piece.

You will then be asked to confirm that you’d like to go ahead with the repair.

We are unfortunately unable to repair pieces that have not been made by GYAN Jaipur.

GYAN Jaipur will not be liable for any transportation charges for repair of jewelry. GYAN Jaipur will not be liable for any items lost during transit. We request you to send the jewelry by registered post.

To arrange a repair, please contact customer care through email at gyan@gyanjaipur.com.


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7. User Warranties and Representations


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21. General. If any portion of these Terms is deemed unenforceable, that portion will be enforced to the maximum extent possible so as to effect the parties’ intent as reflected by that provision, and the remaining portions of these Terms will be given full effect. GYAN Jaipur’s failure to act in a particular circumstance, including any failure by GYAN Jaipur to enforce or exercise any provision of these Terms, does not waive the ability to act with respect to that circumstance or similar circumstances in the future. GYAN Jaipur will be excused for any failure to perform to the extent that its performance is prevented by any reason outside of its reasonable control. No agency, partnership, joint venture, employment or franchise relationship is intended or created by these Terms. GYAN Jaipur may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms to an entity that acquires all or substantially all of the assets of GYAN Jaipur or to any subsidiary or successor in a merger or acquisition involving GYAN Jaipur. These Terms, in addition to any other written agreement between you and GYAN Jaipur, constitute the entire agreement between GYAN Jaipur and you with respect to your access to or use of the site, superseding any prior versions of these Terms. If an express conflict exists between these terms and a written agreement between you and GYAN Jaipur, such written agreement supersedes these Terms.

22. Special Provisions Applicable to Users outside India. You have given us your express and informed consent to transfer any data or other information that you provide to us to India and to process it in India.

23. Payments made through Website. You understand, accept and agree that the payment facility provided through the Website is neither a banking nor financial service but is merely a facilitator providing an electronic, automated online electronic payment, receiving payment through collection and remittance facility for the transactions on the Website using the existing authorized banking infrastructure and Credit Card payment gateway networks. Further, by providing Payment Facility, GYAN Jaipur is neither acting as a trustee nor acting in a fiduciary capacity with respect to any transaction through the Website.

All payments made through the Website including all Valid Credit / Debit/ Cash Card/ Online Bank Transfers from Valid Bank Accounts and other payment instruments are processed using a Credit Card payment gateway or appropriate payment system infrastructure and the same will also be governed by the terms and conditions agreed to between You and the respective Issuing Bank and payment instrument issuing company (if applicable)

While availing any of the payment method/s available on the Website, we will not be responsible or assume any liability, whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly to you due to:

  1. Lack of authorization for any transaction/s, or
  2. Exceeding the present limit mutually agreed by You and between “Bank/s”, or
  3. Any payment issues arising out of the transaction, or
  4. Decline of transaction for any other reason/s

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