Gyan Jaipur Story

GYAN Jaipur story started in 2017 from the desire for innovation of the 4th generation of jain jewellers building on the tradition, the highly skilled knowhow, and the most exquisite jewelry delivered to international houses for decades.
The result is a fine jewelry brand reflecting the rich cultural hub of contemporary Jaipur, dynamic creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship, resulting in elegant and innovative jewelry for modern women.
Combining timeless designs with a discerning modern style and a Western aesthetic, GYAN Jaipur Story drives its inspiration from the beautiful city of colours -Jaipur, one of the creative capitals of the world. An art and cultural center replete with heritage and architectural landmarks, Jaipur has been exerting an influence in jewelry and fashion, and is an endless inspiration for local and international designers, while providing unique skills and crafts to the most coveted brands.



Handmade Indian Jewelry

Each Handmade Indian Jewelry GYAN Jaipur creation associates exceptional craftsmanship and the best of Indian traditional skills passed on for generations. From the initialisation of the creative direction to the sample model to the final piece, each hand made jewel is created on-site. After countless sketches imagined by the design team, creations are tested for volumes before they are finalised. Relying on state of the art equipment, precise technical specifications are drawn which will guide skilled craftsmen during the entire process. In parallel, diamonds and precious stones are carefully selected for their purity, colour, cut, and sparkle, before undergoing a final check and being allocated to specific creations. GYAN Jaipur’s team of highly experiences artisans sculpt gold, set carefully precious stones, and polish jewels ensuring that even the invisible parts are shaped to the highest standards.


GYAN Jaipur Culture

Sustainable development and social responsibility GYAN Jaipur Culture: Right Perception, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct! At GYAN Jaipur, it is believed that everything including stones has life, and to craft a jewel piece means to craft a life -a timeless piece that will make a statement without making one. GYAN Jaipur Culture behind these sparkles help to ensure that trust is reciprocated in full measure. The finest craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourcing high-quality raw materials and hence GYAN Jaipur sources diamonds and gemstones ethically from conflict-free and trustworthy sources. GYAN Jaipur also believes in ethical and transparent practice and hence values traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of diamonds and gemstones from the moment they are extracted as rough stones till their journey to polished gems. True to its values, GYAN Jaipur engraves in the gold of each piece of jewelry the exact descriptions of the stones that adorn it. Fair wage practices, no child labour, transparent conduct, adhering to social responsibilities and ethical sourcing lies at the very heart of GYAN Jaipur Culture.