A sonnet of shades of passion…a ballad of emotions gliding along the walls….and a personification of his life, such is the Gyan Gallery!

Spectacularly raised with grace and panache, Gyan Gallery is a tribute to the legend who in the world that he foresaw, formulated his own media. He believed that the most beautiful relationship one can have with objects is to own them, and so he travelled his passion and kept collecting the then cultural genre. The word ‘Gyan’ signifies a premise where knowledge is power and information is liberating. Hence, this gallery has been built to memoir his knowledge; to showcase articles of rare existence, articles which Late Shri Gyan Chand Dhaddha collected all his life. Yet another reason behind the gallery is to pass on his wisdom to the upcoming generation; to inspire them with his collection and to preserve his inheritance.

With Dramatic exterior and Intricate Interior, every brick and element of Gyan Gallery bears within his incredible ability to cross cultures and art forms. The gallery wouldn’t have been a success if it was not by the world renowned French Architect Paul Mathieu. Paul has beautifully managed a blend of contemporary and traditional look of the gallery.

Mr Gyan collected varieties of Textiles, Mughal Rugs depicting the entire hunting scene- the rarest! The then prevalent playing cards, Silver Hukkas, Gorgeous Gemstones, Vintage Spectacles, Paintings of 19th century and older, the rarest inscriptions and everything else in-between-all showcased in the gallery! Further, a section of the gallery showcases his personal belongings too.It were not the objects that brought life into him, it was he who brought life to the objects. The gallery is for him and to keep alive his life forever!