GYAN Jaipur Culture


Sustainable development and social responsibility
GYAN Jaipur Culture: Right Perception, Right Knowledge and Right Conduct!

At GYAN Jaipur, it is believed that everything including stones has life, and to craft a jewel piece means to craft a life -a timeless piece that will make a statement without making one. GYAN Jaipur Culture behind these sparkles help to ensure that trust is reciprocated in full measure. The finest craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourcing high-quality raw materials and hence GYAN Jaipur sources diamonds and gemstones ethically from conflict-free and trustworthy sources. GYAN Jaipur also believes in ethical and transparent practice and hence values traceability and the importance of knowing the origin of diamonds and gemstones from the moment they are extracted as rough stones till their journey to polished gems. True to its values, GYAN Jaipur engraves in the gold of each piece of jewelry the exact descriptions of the stones that adorn it.

Fair wage practices, no child labour, transparent conduct, adhering to social responsibilities and ethical sourcing lies at the very heart of GYAN Jaipur Culture.


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